Empowering restaurants
to succeed in an online world

We’re a passionate team about ensuring a sustainable future for local, homegrown restaurants.

We Help Restaurants

We help local restaurants in many countries, from UAE to Saudi Arabia. Wherever you are, we’re here to help you thrive.

Holistic Inventory Management

Keep a tight control on your inventory. Minimize theft and wastage with our Easy Audit functionality. Additionally, with our predictive purchasing you can ensure your customer will never walk out empty handed.

About founders

As sons of local business owners themselves,We have long felt that the best technology is often out of reach for, or even used against, homegrown businesses. Tech shouldn’t block their ability to grow in a sustainable way, and they deserve to be rewarded for their hard work.

After a discussion with the owner of their favorite pizza place, they decided to create Resthero. Because of convenient but unsustainable on-demand technology, her loyal customers stopped ordering direct, and now ordered through third-party platforms. This entrepreneur was worried that her years of hard work were vanishing, as she now had little choice but to pay huge commissions on orders from her loyal customers. It was time to help her (and many others) take back control.

Today, a few short years later, the movement they started together is essential to thousands of restaurants, empowering them to not only survive, but thrive, in an increasingly digital world.


Tools are useless without hands to wield them

Although we’re spread across 11 time zones, and have vastly different backgrounds, one belief unites us all: we believe that local businesses should be empowered to thrive in an online world.

ChatFood is more than tools and strategy. We’re a living movement built by a relentless team of industry experts, forging relationships with all of our restaurant partners. It’s nice to meet you.

Reporting & Analytics

Stay on top of your business with our Analytics Dashboard & app. We keep you updated on what’s flying off the shelves with inventory reports, cash flow, and staff costs.

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